Please read the following before making your reservations

1.Reservations require a deposit for the first night.

2. Two day minimum reservation on weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day and three day minimum on holidays. Ten percent discount on five or more nights.

3. Check-in time after 2 PM. Check out time 11 AM. Office hours 10 AM - 5 PM.

4. Cancellation policy - ten day notice.

5. Positively NO SMOKING on the premises (this includes the river swimming hole and your vehicle).

6. LITTERING will not be tolerated.

7. NO ALARMS set on vehicles.

8. No guests at any time.


10. No stereos played on the grounds or at river swimming hole. Stereos played in cabins should not be heard from outside.

11. If you show up with more than cabin capacity there will be additional charge of $150.00 for each person per night. KIDS COUNT.

12. Children under ten MUST be accompanied by an adult to swim in lake or at river swimming hole.

13. No weddings or parties allowed.

14. No sinking of canoes or slapping of paddles on water or canoes.

15. No throwing rocks in lake or pond.

16. Do not put up clothes line or decorations of any kind in or outside of cabins.

Any evidence of disregard for the above policies will result in an additional charge of $150.00.

Any damage to cabins or grounds will result in an additional charge.

Photos and Map

We want to thank you for your consideration of others.